Care and Support

Supporting you to be involved in decisions about your care and support.

What is Care Act Advocacy?

The Care Act 2014 states that some people are legally entitled to a Care Act Advocate.

An advocate will support you to understand and participate in an assessment of your care and support needs, care and support planning, a care review and safeguarding enquiries. An assessment can be for your own care needs, or for your needs as a carer.

A Care Act advocate is qualified to work within the framework of the Care Act.

When can I get a Care Act Advocate?

You may be entitled to an advocate if:

  • You would find it difficult to be actively involved in your care and support plans without an advocate
  • You do not already have someone appropriate who can support you

What will a Care Act Advocate do?

An advocate is on your side.

They will help you to:

  • understand the care and support processes
  • communicate your views, wishes and feelings
  • get information and explore your options
  • take an active part in decisions about your life
  • get your voice heard
  • understand and secure your rights
  • appeal against a decision you are unhappy about

How can I get a Care Act Advocate?

Referrals must come from a professional in the local authority like a social worker. If they haven’t done one already, it is important that you ask them to put in a referral as soon as possible.

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