Our Values

We exist to ensure all people have a voice and to make a difference in people’s lives.
Our core values underpin the way we think, speak, act, partner and grow.


Our team share the same aspirations, working together to ensure that what we do is the best it can be. We act with integrity, respect and professionalism, doing what we say we will do.


Our loyalty is always to the person we support, listening to their voice, taking their side, being led by their views and representing their wishes.

People First

People are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in a voice for all, rights for all, equality for all and justice for all. We are passionate about working in way that supports people to feel valued, respected, included and in control.

Strong Partnerships

Working in partnership with the people we support and with key organisations enables the best possible outcomes to be achieved. We value the contribution of our partners and seek to be respectful, reliable, inclusive and helpful as we work together.

Creative Approaches

We aim to be person led, using creative and personalised approaches to support communication, promote meaningful involvement and increase participation. We work hard to provide services that are accessible to all.

Safe From Harm

The right to feel safe and keep safe is paramount in all our practice.